The Session
Rev. Dr. Michael Stanfield, Moderator
Bob Duncan, Clerk of Session


Historically, the government of the United States was patterned after the governance of the Presbyterian Church.  The church uses elections to choose church leaders and a similar system of checks and balances to maintain order. The Session is the governing body of Trinity Presbyterian Church.  In Greek, "presbuteros" means "elder."  We elect elders who, with the pastor and other ministers, make decisions about the life of the church.  The following church members have been elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms:               

  • Class of 2018: Rob Humfeld, Bill Kennedy, Fran Muench, Linda Vinson

  • Class of 2019: Jay Bryant-Wimp, Susan Hancock, Debbie Newkirk, Susan Winkelmann
  • Class of 2020:  Don Fues, Cathy Holder, Marcia Lake